Sunday, March 20, 2011

Covers and VCMP

Happy Sunday! It's been mostly a lazy day here today. Brunch with Dad and his wife. A stop at Joanns to use some coupons. Yay! Two more Nesties to add to my collection. Then home to relax and finish a few things.

We celebrated the parents' birthdays today. A couple of movies for Dad (Red and Despicable Me). A couple of crossword books for Chris. I'm never sure what to get her, but I know she loves crossword puzzles. So, I decided to decorate them to give them some extra flair. Here they are:
At first she thought they were just writing journals. When she realized I'd decorated them, she was thrilled. It was the first time I'd done the pressed flowers in the Cuttlebug. I love how they turned out. What do you think?

OWH had a VCMP yesterday. That's Virtual CardMaking Party, in case you were wondering. It was my original plan to play in all eight challenges, but I ended up only doing Challenge 5 - Embossing. Things just happened and my day got busy. Here's my card:
The embossing turned out really pretty. Hubby said it was the best card I've done in a long time. I know he meant that as a compliment, but had me wondering what my other cards have been looking like!

On a side note, I highly recommend the movie "Paul." It was so funny!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend,

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